Sunday, November 21, 2010

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During the cold season rats and mice tend to find nests and stay warm just like you and i would stay warm and store food.
You open a cupboard and see chewed up bits of paper and little black things the size of large seeds. You detect a sweet, slightly sickening scent. You may even see bits of torn out fur, paper and shredded fabric with a hollow in the center. Your cat stares for hours at a hole in the baseboards. Your dog barks and scratches at the wall. You hear scrabbling and squeaking. By the time these signs appear, you already have a problem, but it can be fixed quickly and easily with a little effort. Read on to learn how to prevent rodent infestation.

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The nest must be destroyed to completely rid your home. There are sprays and traps to catch and exterminate the wasps, but it is the nest that is the center of activity as long as it remains, so will the wasps. You need to be very careful when remove a nest. If there is any wasp left inside it will surely become aggravated if you should disturb its nest. Wasps are active during the day, so you should try to et rid of the nest at night when things are calm. It is smart to first use a spray to make sure nay wasps inside are taken care of. You can then use a shovel or other long-handled tool to knock down the nest and dispose of it.